Blow Out


Known for his slick dance moves in Saturday Night Fever and his passion for the culture of Amsterdam in Pulp Fiction, John Travolta was the star of the 1981 Brian De Palma paranoia hinged film Blow Out.

The Plot

  • Playing the role of Jack Terri, a soundman for films who catches the sound of a car accident while working, Jack is able to save a woman named Sally (Nancy Allen) from the passenger seat, while a presidential candidate is left to drown.
  • After Jack is persuaded by the candidate’s assistant to forget she was in the car, he grows suspicions and listens to the tapes and suspects this was a successful assassination attempt, leading him down a more sinister conspiracy than he wants to be a part of.

What I Liked

  • Blow Out is as cerebral of a film as you will find in cinema. It immerses the audience into the process by which a man uses his craft to find answers to a complex problem. The decent of Jack Terri’s sanity as he increasingly becomes obsessed with bureaucratic corruption shows Travolta’s contrast as an original actor that excels as a character study.
  • To match with De Palma’s unorthodox camera angels and masterful pan shots, Blow Out is a film that deserves much more accolades than other thrillers from that era.

What I Disliked

  • I’m hard pressed to find something about the picture that I disliked. It carried a suspenseful ambiance that is reminiscent of Hitchcock and gives an ending that is uncompromising. So on this rare occasion, I see nothing wrong with the picture.

Should You See It?

No question about it. It’s a thriller that keeps you engaged throughout the whole story and give you anxiety as it reaches it’s boiling point. Take a look at he trailer below to see if it peaks your interest.

If your interested in reading a more in depth analysis of the film from the development to post production, here is a great article to check out from filmmaker




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