The Revenant


The Plot

  • Leonardo DiCaprio plays Hugh Glass, the leader of a group of hunters who get ambushed by the Native Americans.
  • A handful of them escape, including Glass’s son, and begin a survival exploration on foot back to their home front.
  • While scouting out the land the next morning, Glass is brutally attacked by a bear, in which he kills before the bear takes his life. He is unable to move or speak, leaving him to be viewed as dead weight by another hunter in the pact, John Fitzgerald.
  • When the group splits up momentarily, Fitzgerald plans to kill Glass. Glass’s son, however, knows this plan and tries to stop him, but Fitzgerald kills him in the process.
  • Glass witness this. The remaining two hours of the film is Glass recovering from his injuries and traveling to track down Fitzgerald to get his revenge.

What I Liked

  • The cinematography was outstanding. Emmanuel Lubezki used only natural lighting while filming this picture. It felt as if he was capturing the eighth wonder of the world into a single camera lens that absorbed the audience in a breath taking fashion.
  • Tom Hardy did a fine job in the role of John Fitzgerald. He displayed enough emotion for a convincing performance, while still acting ferocious that brought tension to the screen.


What I Disliked

  • The film felt pretentious to me. The director,  Alejandro González Iñárritu, is a fine filmmaker. Getting his start in Mexico, he directed three films known as the “Death Trilogy” which includes a personal favorite of mine, Amos Perros.
  • These films were made on a low budget and explored challenges in narrative, complex characters, and originality in story. Since then, he went to make Birdman, which even though it was a big production, still stayed true to his craft and auteur-style of filmmaking.
  • The Revenant, in my opinion, was Alejandro trying to top himself from last year. He lost sight of his complexity that made him so distinguishable. This movie provided little plot, no complexity to the characters and just felt like he was out to make an inspirational film of applause that turned out flat.
  • Also, I believe DiCaprio didn’t deserve an Oscar for this role. Yes, writhing in pain for two and a half hours takes talent. But for God’s sake, he either lied in a hole or was carried by his crew members for nearly a third of the film. There’s other performances he should have won for other than this. This picture below accurately reflects my mentality.


Should You See It?

  • Looking back, I could have gone with or  without seeing this movie. I’m glad I saw it because I’m able to analyze it as such, but there is no way I would watch it again. If you’re someone who has a short attention span, don’t see it. You may be at wonders by the geography of the land, but it only last for so long.
  • If you are someone like me that enjoys a very developed plot, than I wouldn’t recommend it. Although it does have some intense and bloody scenes like the video below.


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